Chesatochi Newsletter #06 - Discover DeFi Projects Yearn.Finance & Just

Love of Crypto & Coffee

Hi, Lovers of Crypto & Coffee,


Another great week where so much action is taken place in the crypto and this is very exciting. DeFi continues to be a hot topic and where you can create multiple crypto passive income streams.

I see wealth in abundance for anyone who wants to take part in the crypto game. - Chesatochi

My philosophy is to always pursue your education and take calculated risks toward your future. Always remember if you take the status quo path in your life, you will not make any progress toward success.

The crypto realm is a young new industry where so much noise, FUD, and FOMO happen daily. Behind the distraction exist great gems for your future and wealth building.

DeFi Yearn.Finance

This is a project you need to pay attention to taking part in yield farming and get the most APY out of it. The section I like the most is vault where the protocol rebalances automatically for the best APY.

Taking risks can bring a lot of wealth into your life. - Chesatochi

Watch the video I made about Yean.Finance.

Super Crypto Kart made by Chain Games

I remember back in the day playing the wonderful game of Mario Kart, but now is even better. I can play Super Crypto Kart on the blockchain and soon be able to compete and collect crypto.

The trend of crypto and games is something that will be huge and you need to pay attention closely in the coming months and years.

I believe people will make eventually full-time income with blockchain games. - Chesatochi

In the meantime, come watch my presentation about Super Crypto Kart.

Just DeFi on Tron network

If you have taken part in the DeFi game on the Ethereum network, you know how much it cost to transact there. This removed many players with not enough capital to continue to play in this sandbox.

Tron & EOS has mimicked DeFi DAPPS and bring them to their ecosystem. When you see a place where people have success, they going to tap into this new opportunity.

Expect to pay meaningless fees when you take part in DeFi DAPPS with EOS and TRON. - Chesatochi

In the meantime, you can check the video I made about Just for expanding your horizons of this series of DeFi DAPPS on Tron.


The crypto sphere brings a world of abundance to anyone with the patience to learn the opportunities available there. It is not perfect but provides the same chance to anyone willing to learn and take calculated risks.

Pay attention to the DeFi and blockchain games.

Chesatochi - Love of Crypto & Coffee