CN#14 - MyCointainer, Play to Earn with Axis Infinity & Crypto Insurance

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Hi, Lovers of Crypto & Coffee,


This week I have less energy than usual, I believe is the weather change with less light during the day. Another factor I focused too much attention on the election of the United States despite is not even my country.

We see a sign the US empire is losing ground, a weak dollar, a divided country, cannot control its pandemic like us in Canada.

Meanwhile, crypto stays strong with the rise of Bitcoin to have reached almost $16k this week.

So many opportunities exist for you to seize right now.

Buying my first coin on MyCointainer

The most important step when you want to advance is to take action without looking behind you.

A mandatory process to build an income on autopilot for your future.

You can check the content I created about MyCointainter this week.

Article link: Choosing a Coin Easily and Invest in MyCointainer

Play to earn with Axis Infinity

Another concept for generating an income in the space is playing games and accumulate tokens. Those tokens have value on the market and you can trade them for fiat money or crypto.

You can play at Axis Infinity and collect SLP potions.

Watch the video I made playing the adventurous mode.

Crypto insurance

This year was the boom of DeFi where everyone jumped into the hype in the hope to become rich overnight. Now the situation has stabilized and I see fewer contents toward that area.

When too many scams and bad actors came like flies in DeFi for stealing money of honest people.

A new solution needed to put in place for protecting the assets of people.

I made a small introduction video about 4 crypto-insurance where you can buy a policy and protect your crypto wealth.


I hope my energy will be high this week for producing great content for you to enjoy.

I wish you a great day until newsletter #15!

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