CN#15 - Discover Decentraland, WBTC, BOID, AtomicHub

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Last weekend I changed a few things in my schedule for releasing my contents. This way I hope to have more time and be able to always stay ahead of what I want to accomplish.

Always important to change a few parameters for optimizing your time and outcome.

COVID-19 is not yet over, but at least we have vaccines that might be there soon. At least this is positive news despite everything that happens around the globe.

In the meantime, Bitcoin touched the floor of 18k and this is very exciting for the entire crypto space.

Trade collectibles with AtomicHub

The world is taken by storm with nonfungible tokens where you can own digital arts, collectibles, and game items.

AtomicHub focuses on collectibles like Garbage Pail Kids and Blockchain Heroes. What is cool those cards can increase in value.

Check the have made about it.

Boid DAPP on EOS

The market has a good number of DAPPS on the market and cover games, finance, etc…

Now you provide your CPU and GPU resources for science and contribute to something meaningful for the planet earth.

Discover Boid with the video I made.

Discover Decentraland

Do you love moving freely in a 3D world where you can do everything you ever wanted or mostly? ;)

Now with Decentraland this is a reality.

Discover it with my article and video about this interesting subject.

Article: Decentraland – A Beautiful Fantasy World to Explore on Ethereum

WBTC - Bitcoin on Ethereum Network

Now you have the possibility to deposit your Bitcoin on an Ethereum smart contract and mint the token WBTC.

The aim of this action is to provide liquidity or make interest with WBTC.

Discover it with my video.


So much action we have on the crypto space I could make 2 videos a day if I wanted.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time and focus to provide value.

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