Chesatochi Newsletter #07 - Discover Yearn.Finance, DMM, and Mooniswap

Hi, Lovers of Crypto & Coffee,

I hope you had an enjoyable week despite the pandemic of COVID 19. In the meantime, discover 3 monumental projects you can use to build your crypto wealth.


Yield farming is an awesome opportunity where you can generate a great APY. But the biggest way to maximize your return is to find the best pools to invest.

What solution you have to save your valuable time?

The answer is to use Yearn.Finance.


Yearn.Finance is a way to have a robot to yield farming for yourself.

Yearn.Finance is a way to increase the profitability automatically with patience. - Chesatochi

You can learn more about the video I made on Yearn.Finance and my article. It is worth the time learning this project.

Check the article: Yearn.Finance – Your Best Friend for Making the Most with DeFi

DMM (DeFi Money Market)

Maybe you are someone who prefers stability and predictability. DeFi Money Market is a solution where you can make 6.25% APY.

They provide this level of return because they invest in liquid assets like cars, trucks, etc… Everything recorded on the blockchain.

When you want stability, DMM provides a nice stable return. - Chesatochi

Check the video where I explain at a high level what is behind DMM.

AMM Mooniswap

A great way to swap tokens in the crypto sphere is with an automated market maker.

The code with smart contracts with no one or middleman. You can swap tokens in a decentralized ecosystem in one simple transaction.

Another benefit you can yield farming and make interest when you provide liquidity.

The automated market maker will decentralize the world of crypto without KYC or central entities. - Chesatochi

Check the video I made about Mooniswap.


Many marvelous things are happening in the space, it is overwhelmed with the number of solutions you can use. You know what is exciting, and outstanding is to take part in the paradigm shift with crypto.

My philosophy is to always continue and have an open mind toward the revolution of crypto. Great opportunities are there for you to build your wealth.

Take action!

Sincerely, Chesatochi

Love of Crypto & Coffee